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Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales

  • You can handle conversations on public Facebook pages


    Facebook Messenger

    Handle the conversation on Facebook pages

  • Receive messages delivered on whatsapp directly to chaskiq inbox



    sync your company's whatsapp phone number

  • Handle incoming Chaskiq messages directly from Slack



    Be notified of new conversations on Slack

  • Handle Direct messages from chaskiq



    Handle DM and sync conversations

  • Add super powers to the chat messenger and allow visitors schedule meetings



    Integrate you team calendar in conversations

  • Syncs your users's information to the Pipedrive CRM



    Use pipedrive CRM for user base sync

  • Keep your tickets in sync with the Helpscout integration



    Add new tickets from Chaskiq conversations

What is Chaskiq about?

Chaskiq is an open source platform that connects and empowers the communication of support, sales & marketing teams with their customers.

How it does it?

Chaskiq features Web Chat & video calls, Onboarding tours, one off messages and newsletters campaigns.

Conversations for your clients

Conversational pipelines for Sales, Support and Marketing

Send one-off and automated email, push, and in-app messages to your clients. .

Give an human support with video calls too!

In today's world you'll need a way to stay close and give clear communication, video calls on chaskiq does precisely that.

Schedule repetitive tasks with bot actions

Identify and build your own funnel with choices path and save your team's time.

Send special content to your customers

That's video embeds, or third party embeds like calendly meeting scheduling, zoom meetings and more!.


Easily find leads and customers

Build awesome experiencies for your users triggering the messages to the right people by using segment filters.

Multiple attributes for targeting

Filter by dozens of attributes ie: email, location, last signed in or who's online

Bring your own filters

Add custom filters to target your user base. Bring your own data to the game!

Use filters just for everything

Segments are the core of Chaskiq: From agent routing to automatic message triggering.

Conversations for your Team

Handle conversations from multiple sources in one place

A single place to handle the communication with your leads and customers. Receive & Send messages from email, webchat and social networks like facebook, twitter and basically any API you want.

Social network channels integration

Whatsapp business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter & Slack already built in. and you can add more into your support & sales conversational pipeline.

Use a modern chat text editor

A versatile & extensible media blocks system for messages, we use React to create animated gifs block, in place video recorder block, embeded media block and whatever block that you can imagine.

Knowledge Base

Build your own help center

Write articles about your service or product.

Centralize your content

Make your content available on configured subdomain and support in multi language!

Customize the appearance of your Help Center

Change colors and header images and put your logo on it.

Customize the appearance of your Help Center

Add articles in your Chat

Enable auto assistance capabilities to your chat experience.

Chaskiq allowed us to scale our customer service abilities and customize the way the software works, while keeping costs controlled. For an early-stage startup this is priceless

Sergio Nouvel
Sergio Nouvel
Plug & Play One click deployment to heroku and Kubernetes multi cloud support like AWS or Digital Ocean.
Get insights Metric reports for every campaign and conversation.
Secure comunications Receive data from trusted sites, data encryption through JWE.
Automated bots Configure conversations based on customer behaviour, ask for information & decision routing.
Onboarding tours Welcome users with onboarding tours when they land on specific pages.
Data enrichment & integrations Connect Chaskiq with data enrichment providers to better profile your leads.

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Chaskiq is an Open Source Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales.