• You can handle conversations on public Facebook pages


    Facebook Messenger

    Handle the conversation on Facebook pages

  • Receive messages delivered on whatsapp directly to chaskiq inbox



    sync your company's whatsapp phone number

  • Handle incoming Chaskiq messages directly from Slack



    Be notified of new conversations on Slack

  • Handle Direct messages from chaskiq



    Handle DM and sync conversations

  • Add super powers to the chat messenger and allow visitors schedule meetings



    Integrate you team calendar in conversations

  • Syncs your users's information to the Pipedrive CRM



    Use pipedrive CRM for user base sync

  • Keep your tickets in sync with the Helpscout integration



    Add new tickets from Chaskiq conversations

How Chaskiq Works

From newsletters to inbound marketing

Keep a continuous communication with your clients and check the status of every conversation

Segment your visitors

Segment your visitors

Prepare segments of visitors/users for eventual message dispatch, ie: "users that registered 1 month ago to the PRO plan"

Inbound messages

Inbound messages

Enable live chat messages with custom team availability, auto replies, and average reply time disclaimers

Outbound messages

Outbound messages

Deliver newsletters, in-app messages, guided tours and automated behavioral messages. And trigger them filtering visitor segments

Auto-assign agents according with custom rules

Auto-assign agents according with custom rules

You can configure multiple assignment rules for incoming messages, filering by location, date, mesage content, and custom atributes

Effortless messaging for everyone.

Take control of your user data, install anywhere.

Chaskiq can be installed on any VPS, or Heroku. It uses minimun dependences, Postgres, and Redis

Hosted version is on active development
Open source from the beginning

Powered by Ruby on Rails, Graphql & React

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Easily upload to heroku or containerized versions

Get insights

Get insights

Metric reports for every campaign and conversation

Secure comunications

Secure comunications

Receive data from trusted sites, data encryption through JWE

Automated bots

Automated bots

Configure conversations based on behaviours, ask for information

Onboarding tours

Onboarding tours

Train users with onboarding tours for your app, triggered by specific conditions

Data enrichment & integrations

Data enrichment & integrations

Connect Chaskiq with data enrichment providers to better profile anonymous visits

Chaskiq admin panel

Manage inbound & outbound from a single suite

Unlimited teams, and unlimited apps

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