The front line of your customer experience.

👋 Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales

Used by hundreds of companies worldwide

👋 More than 30 plugins for you

Chaskiq's plugin architecture allows for a variety of conversational experiences to take them to the next level. For example: Schedule meetings with Calendly, provide means of payment directly from the webchat, initiate video calls via Zoom, integrate your shopping carts or trigger subsequent actions via Zapier. In short, create experiences that create value for your customers. There are no limits!

A LiveChat with all the things you expect

A super powerful Webchat

Complete experiences in a single conversation thread.

Whether it's the bot or a human, there are no limits to offering communication experiences on Chaskiq. Schedule meetings? Shopping carts? start video calls? payment flows? Yes. All that and more.

Infinite flows


Multiple ways of communicating beyond WebChat.


The banners in Chaskiq are special to display quick warnings that stay fixed in the user interface. Especially useful to show promotions and relevant information about your services, for example: updates or service interruptions.


Routing Bots

Automating conversations.

Chaskiq's coolest features are tested, monitored and delivered thanks to the following companies support


Open source from the start

Chaskiq has been designed to be able to extend its capabilities and functions both on the webchat side and on the agent panel.

😍 Infinite forms of communication

One of the most robust webchats that allows to extend its functionalities by integrating multiple plugins which allow to take conversations to the next level.

Infinite ways to communicate

🦄 The unicorn of message editors.

We have developed a text editor that allows us to send messages worthy of the year 2022, this means going beyond markdown format and taking messaging to the extreme. Gifs, Videos, Embeds and a long etcetera.


Simplicity, efficiency and extensibility.

Chaskiq is an open source platform that connects and empowers the communication of support, sales & marketing teams with their customers.

Chaskiq features Web Chat & video calls, Onboarding tours, one off messages and newsletters campaigns.

Chaskiq allowed us to scale our customer service abilities and customize the way the software works, while keeping costs controlled. For an early-stage startup this is priceless.”

Sergio Nouvel - CEO
Sergio Nouvel - CEO
Inbox user interface

Automate everything

Do you need to schedule meetings automatically? Say no more. With Chaskiq integrate apps in two clicks and voilá

chat ui

A complete platform that enhances your team's communication with your clients.

A platform that goes beyond chat. Designed for marketing, support and sales.

Unlimited Inboxes

Concentrate conversations from different sources in one place. Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc ...

Multiple campaign modes

Send mass emails (mailings / newsletters), place banners popups or guided tours at the right time to the right visitor

Automation Flows

Generate automations in the conversations for the self-care of your clients and route the precise conversations to your human team when necessary

Help Center

Make available help content from your company by writing articles organized by categories and content collections.


Create your own sports with beautiful graphics in a fast and declarative way. Even displaying information from external services

API Graphql and Oauth2 security

Create your own applications that communicate with Chaskiq through our API offering new experiences to your team and your clients

Continuity of conversations from the mail

Give continuity to the conversations from your email once the visitors disconnect from the webchat

Permissions and access restrictions

Configure agent access to different sections of the platform according to your business models.

People working on laptops

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Chaskiq is an Open Source Messaging Platform for Marketing, Support & Sales.